Saturday, June 16, 2012

Diamond Tree: Is It A Scam!?

There has been a lot of buzz about Diamond Tree Global all over the Internet lately. Diamond Tree kicked off in June 2008 with Kendall Cho guiding the company to success. Kendall is the former CEO of Nikken, a similar multi level marketing company. With Kendall leading Nikken they generated over 1 billion dollars. Diamond Tree was born one day in Hawaii while Kendall was reflecting about his life while staring out over the ocean.

Diamond Tree's product line has numerous health products that includes skin products, minerals, passion tonic and alkaline water. Diamond Tree confirms that their products have not been studied by the USFDA or by Health Canada. They also state that their products are not meant to diagnose, cure or treat any diseases or ailments.

Diamond Tree looks to be a solid company with some very unique products.

One disappointment, I couldn't find was what type of training a new distributor could get. On the average, 97% of new mlm distributors will stumble and quit within the first year of business. I want to be in the 3% group that succeeds. Do you want to be in the 3% group? I have been studying the 3% who do succeed and let me tell you they are using the Internet to drive a large part of their business. Internet marketing is one of the missing pieces of the puzzle for the 97% who do not make it. The "Old School" techniques of chasing family and friends, conducting hotel meetings, setting up appointments at Denny's, buying leads and passing out fliers are very hard techniques to implement and can be very expensive. There are a few people that have had success with the old school ways but not very many.

The "New School" is using the power of the Internet to get leads to call them about their opportunity. You want to be like the top earners. Utilize all the video, social and article marketing sites. Post valuable content on those sites and watch the leads contact you.

Attraction Marketing is a principle used by the top earners. Using Attraction Marketing you will be positioned as a Leader in this industry. You will promote yourself, not your business. You just learned the secret the ones at the top don't want you to know.

I don't know about you but I love checking my computer in the morning and seeing all the leads I need to call back. It sure beats chasing family and friends.

There are many books written on Attraction Marketing but there is only one, maybe two that really reveal the true inner workings of attraction marketing.

Is your Diamond Tree business not growing? Have you done everything you have been trained with no results? Are you running out of cash and leads? You've given it your all and still have no one in your business? It is now time to change your tactics.
This is no laughing matter. Your life and business is on the line You have used all your talent, time and money. Maybe you've even used a credit card or have gotten a loan in hopes that the business will get better next month. You cannot continue to do the same techniques and expect a different result. Wake up and start emulating the top earners in this Industry and explode your Diamond Tree business.

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